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Vinyl Flooring Singapore

At Floor & Co, we want to solve real problems. We want to show you that you never have to compromise your flooring because of price. 

Installing Vinyl Flooring is honestly the best flooring that we can wish for in this lifetime. Here’s why.

There has been no other flooring who is as versatile as Vinyl – Waterproof, affordable yet exudes a luxury afterlook. Tiles may match the qualities, but it carries a very heavy price tag.

How heavy? Let’s just say you could install-remove-change Vinyl Flooring about 4-5 times. Vinyl are really durable and they can last for a really long time with the proper floor care provided.

Still skeptical? Let us change your mind here.



Why choose our Vinyl Flooring?

Seamless Jointing.

Say Goodbye to grout lines. The locking system is very tight that the entire floor are interconnected. No dirt will fall through and creates a continuous seamless effect of a Luxury Hardwood Floor, but only at a fraction of the cost. Floor Cleaning and Floor Maintenance is now a whole lot easier.

High Scratch Resistance.

Having protection for your flooring is important, that it protects homeowners even after installation.To the Pet Owners out there,our Vinyl Flooring is Pet Friendly! There is no such thing as 100% scratchproof , so heavy furnitures still need to be carefully shifted. Even if there are scuff marks, we will teach you how to remove it – for free.

100% Waterproof.

Being waterproof eliminates a huge chunk of flooring problems. Unlike Vinyl’s Predecessor (Laminate), this waterproof quality contributes to the longevity of the flooring. Don’t worry about spiils anymore, your flooring will do just fine!

Enhanced Durability.

The nature of our Vinyl Flooring has a Resilient Core to withstand heavy weights without warping. The Rigid Core also limits the expansion, ensuring that your flooring seams does not open up. Eliminate problems with Normal Vinyl such as Peaking/Warping of Flooring.

Anti Slip.

A very important safety factor, especially for homes with elderly occupants. Suitable for homes with young kids, so that children do not slip and fall while playing! Not only does the Texture gives the Anti Slip feature, but also is similar to Actual Wooden Flooring.  A safe home is a happy home.

Vinyl Flooring is truly a next generation flooring. Solves almost every flooring problem faced by homeowners around the world.

Why Choose Floor & Co.?

We are not just another vinyl flooring company in Singapore.

We take pride in delivering the best quality possible to you.

Be it solid workmanship or the right flooring advice, we will take care of your needs. Even if sometimes the required works may be out of the way – we will do the right thing.

Workmanship is what distinguishes us from the others. Our installers are not given a reporting time to finish a job, because we don’t want them to get stressed and deliver substandard workmanship. 

Many companies usually rush the work so that they can send installers to the next job to profit more.

We are not like those companies. We pay attention to every detail to create the perfect home for you.

Because your satisfaction is our pride and joy.

Here are some reasons why we are the perfect team for your flooring needs:

Premium Quality

Unknown to most homeowners, normal Vinyl Flooring is not the ultimate flooring. Vinyl can warp under prolonged periods of direct sun exposure causing “peaking” between the joints of the vinyl flooring tiles that eventually buckle.

Our Resilient Vinyl Flooring is much more durable with a stronger core, enabling flooring longevity. Here is X company Vinyl vs Floor & Co. Resilient Vinyl Flooring (RVF).

Detail Oriented & Transparent Pricing

Our flooring specialists conduct detailed pre-installation survey (upon request) to identify issues and provide solutions.

We also provide accurate costing for an optimal customer experience. No more hidden costs to ‘surprise’ you at the end. Find out here on how we look out for our customers!

Lasting Installation

Floor & Co. uses the Step Down Interlocking Method to stagger the vinyl planks for the best fitting. Our inhouse professional installers adhere to a standard vinyl spacing joint of 150mm per step and leave expansion gaps at plank edges unlike the H-Jointing Method that results in improperly closed joints.

Our Achievements

Beautiful Homes Transformed

Floor & Co.'s Gallery

In each and every home, our inhouse team made our committed effort to put together the perfect flooring. Some homes with old, faded or damaged flooring have experienced a 180° change with our Vinyl Flooring.

Don’t take our word for it, come to our showroom to experience it yourself !


I am impressed with Floor & Co’s Quality Workmanship and Material Quality. They were very approachable and fast. They have transformed my house in just 1 day! Pricing was fair & reasonable too. Look forward to engaging you on other Reno Projects in the future!

Mr Anuar

Taman Jurong , SG

I’m really happy that my toilet had a Great Revamp compared to my previous toilet tiles. A brand new look and affordable price. There was no hacking and job completed in less than a day. Very responsive team to deal with my queries. Super Satisfied Customer Here! Thanks Jeffrey for the makeover!

Ms Lalet

Kallang, SG

This is my first home and first time doing renovation,very glad that it was hassle free. Thank you June for being patient and taking the time to explain some flooring processes. I’m impressed at the attention to detail when she asked me about the Silicon sealant bead size! Happy with the work 🙂

Mr Elmi

Jurong West, SG

Thank you Jeffrey for the hard works. To schedule last minute job so that it will be ready before the CNY. The flooring is well done and I’m sure my guests will love it very much. Thank you so much!

Ms Ivy Chia

Yishun, SG

Referred by Vinny to you guys for Vinyl Flooring and Floor Repair. My house had the same Popping Tiles issue for a long time and I’m glad that you guys managed to solve it without hacking. My house feels brighter and my kids really love it! 

Ms Estelle Goh

Queenstown, SG

Frequently Asked Questions

How are the payment terms like?

Upon receiving your confirmation to engage us for flooring installation, we will send you a quotation.
Based on the quoted price, the payment terms will be as such:

1st 50% – For job confimation where we will proceed to arrange for transport and manpower as well as finalise the schedule for installation.
2nd 50% – Upon completion of flooring installation.

Any hidden costs or additional charges?

We all agree that we hate hidden costs. Let’s stop that.

Floor & Co. promises transparency for all our quotations. Every home is unique and have different environments – some may require additional services such as Door Trimming, Cement Screeding, Skirting Removal/Disposal etc.

Therefore, all services will be stated clearly in the quotation and reflected in the invoice.

What is the warranty period like?

Residential Flooring ( Living Room, Store,Bedroom,Enclosed Balconies) : 10 Years
Commercial Flooring (Offices, Shops, Factories) : 6 Years
Flooring exposed to Wet Areas ( Outdoor Balconies, Toilets, Bathroom, Pool Side): 5 Years

What are the opening hours like?

Our showroom is located at: 3 Soon Lee Street #06-31 Singapore 627606

Showroom Viewing is by appointment basis only. We strongly recommend to WhatsApp us at 97845978 to make a prior booking.

Price List


Let’s agree that we all hate hidden costs.

We love being transparent and clear about our pricing.

To create your quotation, we narrow down 5 essential components to consider before installing the perfect flooring for you!

Cement Screeding

The key to vinyl flooring longevity is having a level flooring and cement screeding is required to achieve that, before vinyl installation.

Generally, most houses with existing floor tiles are suitable to be installed without cement screeding.

Siuations that require cement screeding:

  • Brand New BTO HDB Units with bare concrete
  • Buckled floor tiles
  • Converting sloped flooring to flat level surface (Commercial Shops
Vinyl Flooring Singapore - Cement Screeding
Vinyl Flooring Singapore - Skirting Installation

Skirting Installation

Contrary to what most contractors will claim, NOT every flooring must have skirting.

The choice of installing a skirting is solely up to your decision. In fact, modern interior designs actually do not incorporate skirtings, such as  Scandinavian inspired themes.

Don’t get us wrong, skirtings can exude a very homely and stylish feel, especially when paired with wood/resort themes.


*Estimated pricing is not inclusive of skirting removal. Tiles skirting & Wood skirting removal will incur additional charges.

Laminate Floor Removal

Unlike vinyl flooring, laminates tend to bloat upon contact with water/moisture because it is not 100% waterproof.

Once water seeps into it, the wood layer will swell and warp, causing unsightly bumps.

For such cases, the uneven surface makes it unsuitable to install vinyl flooring.

Not to worry if there are any built in furniture sitting on the laminate flooring as our experienced team will be able to handle it. All old flooring will be disposed responsibly at registered disposal facilities.

Vinyl Flooring Singapore - Laminate Removal & Tiles Removal
Laminate Flooring Removal & Disposal: From $0.80 – $1.00 per sqft 
Illustration o n the moving of furniture.

Moving of Furniture

Vinyl flooring installation requires the room to be empty. However, for homeowners that are currently residing in their premises, there is bound to have existing furnitures.

Our team will be able to move the bulky furnitures for a small fee.

However, we strongly recommend you to move any valuables by yourself to avoid misplacing them

Please also empty the items from your furniture before moving to avoid any damage to the furniture due to excessive load.

Price Range: $50 – $150 (case by case basis)

Door Trimming

Door Trimming is a essential component for vinyl flooring installation.

Vinyl flooring height is 5mm thick and most doors with existing tiles DO NOT have the 7mm gap clearance required under the door for installation.

Door trimming helps to ensure that you can still open/close the doors with ease without scratching against the floor,

You can measure this yourself and let us know the number of doors that require trimming. We recommend the door gap to be at least 7mm wide.

Of course, if you are unsure, we will always be available to assist you with this as part of our site survey.


Vinyl Flooring Singapore - Door Trimming
Door Trimming at $50 per door

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