Living Room


So many things happen in a living room. It’s where family members gather to unwind, watch TV and have a chat. For some households, it’s where kids play video games and do their homework. So, The living room is generally a high-traffic area. To enjoy a beautiful and inspiring living room, you need enough space.

So, what happens when your living room space is small? You can create space illusion with the right flooring. A good flooring adds life to your living room and can trick the mind to picture the space as big enough. Speaking of the right living room flooring; we suggest you consider properties like amazing style, economical, anti-slip, and durability.

Why Vinyl is the best flooring for Living rooms


Vinyl is a suitable living room flooring solution because it solves the problems that most flooring materials have through its amazing acoustic properties. Considering that most decorating efforts at home are concentrated on the living room, it goes without saying that you need the most stylish and inspiring floor to transform your interior design.

You can find vinyl in different textural enhancements, patterns, and shapes to match your home décor. Mark you; you don’t have to break the bank for it. Vinyl flooring is fairly affordable. You can spend as low as $0.5 per square foot. It also promises safety and comfort and possesses anti-fade, anti-stain, and anti-scratch properties. You can enjoy its service for a reasonable time.



Standard vinyl flooring might be an economical flooring option but it’s not the only one. We also have self-adhesive vinyl and laminate. The two options are cheaper to install but are not suited to the living room. Here’s why:

  • Laminate is prone to swelling around the door and window edges due to its poor moisture tolerance properties. Unlike standard vinyl, it tends to absorb moisture rapidly.
  • Self-adhesive vinyl is prone to wrapping around the windows and doors when exposed to direct heat.

Without a doubt, standard vinyl is the better option for the living room floor. You can learn more about it here.