Vinyl Flooring Installation


Whether you are renovating an old house or building a new one, vinyl is a great material option for the floor. The flooring option comes with an aesthetic touch and a stylish vibe which makes it great for the modern home. It’s one of the most versatile material.

You can install vinyl in your living space, kitchen, laundry room, and basement or anywhere else you like. For easy installation and long-term service, the laying needs to be done on a flat surface. The flooring material can be laid on concrete, wood or any other firm surface.

DIY Installation – The Key Challenges


Vinyl flooring installation can be DIY for someone handy. However, you should know that it’s not easy technically and health-wise. Technically, vinyl installation requires a level surface. Installing vinyl on the unleveled surface may lead to the formation of lumps which wear down the floor surface.

Additionally, preparing the laying surface can be complicated. You have to prepare a smooth surface, measure and resize your flooring materials; spread the adhesive, among many other duties. It’s so much work for one person.

Health-wise, vinyl floor materials contain volatile organic chemicals that are naturally toxic. The chemicals are released in the form of gases during the installation and may irritate your eye and respiratory system. Some vinyl materials also emit dust that is a respiratory risk. You need safety gears to avoid the problem if you choose to do the installation yourself.

Amateur Installation – Possible Problems


The biggest challenge for amateurs is placing vinyl correctly on the floor. When less experienced, it’s tempting to arrange vinyl on any surface even if it’s unleveled. Unfortunately, this makes the surface susceptible to future cracking and peeling.

Other consequences of poor vinyl installation include:

  • The vinyl may be hard to remove in the future when you choose to change it.
  • The cost of repairing the floor may be expensive since the flooring is likely to be poorly damaged.
  • You are only guaranteed short-term service
  • The flooring may look visually-unattractive

Due to these concerns, it’s wise to hire a vinyl flooring installer to help you with the installation.

Why Hire a Vinyl Flooring Installer


Generally, a professional vinyl flooring installer promises the following:

  • Quick installation
  • Uniform installation
  • Safe installation
  • Prevents future damages and repairs
  • Flooring can be customized to suit your preference
  • Professional advice on vinyl floor care and maintenance

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