Grey Vinyl Flooring Singapore

#1 Vinyl Flooring Option for Commercial Tenants

Need to elevate the look of your store?

With all the types and brands of flooring available in Singapore, it can be a daunting task to style your commercial property.

You’ve got to pick samples, textures, finishes! Not to mention that these flooring products have got to stay within your business’s budget.

And after that’s all said and done, you’ve still got to figure out the colour that fits the theme of your shop.

How tedious!

But what if we told you Floor & Co. could help simplify this entire order process?

Floor & Co.has considered all these details, from colours to finishes, and narrowed it down to 4 wood-effect grey vinyl products.

This advice comes from our years of experience in home & commercial vinyl flooring.

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Why Grey Vinyl, Specifically?

Let’s start with vinyl flooring, and why Floor & Co. believes it’s one of the best products for flooring.

Floor & Co. has developed a new generation of vinyl flooring named SPC Vinyl Flooring – a stronger, more durable form of vinyl planks that address all your flooring needs.

Here are some of the benefits of SPC Vinyl Flooring:

100% Waterproof

Untitled design-Medium-Quality

High Scratch Resistance

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Amazing value for style price

Untitled design-High-Quality (30)


These are the sort of qualities you want in a commercial site, especially if your store encounters a lot of heavy foot traffic.

Furthermore, our 4D ultra-realistic design motif creates a natural wood effect style – without the price tag of hardwood floors!

For more information on the benefits of vinyl and how we help clients with our bespoke flooring solutions, check out this page.

Moving onto the colour of our choice: Grey


Floor & Co. picked grey as the colour to focus on due to its classiness and neutrality.

In 2021, Minimalist Interior Design was voted as Singapore’s Most Favourite Interior Theme. Grey vinyl flooring produces amazing results in minimalist interiors due to the neutrality of the colour itself.


However, if minimalism is not your thing, grey vinyl is still the optimal choice to use!

Something special about grey vinyl is that it can match both dark and light furniture gracefully. It provides enough contrast to elevate the style of the room.

At the same time, the colour provides a coherent backing to all your items, tying the aesthetic of the room together without much effort on your part.

There is also a practical purpose for the grey – it’s the colour of dust!

Floor & Co. takes into account the difficulty in ensuring your shop floors are always sparkling.

You don’t have to sweep every time a customer walks in with grey vinyl flooring, as the dust will be barely visible, especially compared to other colours.

Lastly, Floor & Co.’s vinyl installation is quick.

Time is money, and our installation services guarantee that business owners can begin operations as soon as possible.

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Time is money, and our installation services guarantee that business owners can begin operations as soon as possible.

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