About Us



At Floor & Co, our passion is what drives us to do our best.

We deliver what you need and more for vinyl flooring in Singapore.

We absolutely love flooring and that’s why we are so excited to share our passion with vinyl flooring in Singapore.

Be it vinyl flooring, luxury vinyl tiles, laminate flooring or carpet tiles, we’d like to share what we know about them.

Based in this sunny island we call home, it all started when we were looking for suitable flooring materials.

One that could withstand the chilly air conditioned environment of our office.

And endure the humid conditions of a storage room.

We were running out of ideas.

We thought that it was impossible to find something affordable in Singapore.

Until we found vinyl flooring.

With its affordability, durability and easy maintenance, it was the perfect solution to all our worries. Its versatility impressed us so much that this creation felt like the masterpiece of the flooring industry.

Looking around, we soon realised that many others were also searching for the same solution but did not know about it.

And so, we decided to bring vinyl flooring to our homeland in Singapore. And that is how Floor & Co. was formed.

In our early days, we were asked to help a few wonderful homeowners to fulfill their vision of a dream home and what we received touched our hearts.

That unbridled joy that lit up their faces the moment they open the door to a transformed home – be it kitchen, living room, office – all with a switch of a flooring.

Till today, we are still immensely grateful to all who have given us the opportunity to work with them because this is all that makes our hard work so worth it.

So let us help you with your flooring woes and transform a home to your home sweet home.



Floor & Co.

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