Vinyl Flooring

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Vinyl Flooring in Singapore

Vinyl Flooring is a Top Tier flooring choice for Homeowners all around the world. It is composed of polyvinyl chloride (PVC), rigid core backing, 4D ultra realistic design motif and a protective coating known as the wear layer. The reason why it is so popular? Because vinyl flooring possesses many unique properties, and yet still easy on the wallet. It has since revolutionised the Flooring Industry, which previously Singaporeans had to either compromise or pay high prices. There is no need for hacking, no need for dirty & dusty mess; you can even install it in the very home you’re living in! When it comes to benefits, this is what Floor & Co’s Resilient Vinyl Flooring have to offer:


100% Waterproof

Vinyl Flooring is 100% waterproof. Homeowners with Laminate Flooring or Parquet, you need not worry about spills or wet floors now. Of course, even though it is 100% waterproof,we sincerely don’t recommend making this your swimming pool floor.

Anti Slip

A very important factor in the house when it comes to flooring. Especially good with elderly and kids in the house. A fall could spell serious injuries or death. Official Worldwide Statistics shows that every year, there are 420,000 deaths from Slip and Fall accidents. Let’s reduce those numbers.


Impact Withstanding

Floor & Co’s Resilient Vinyl Flooring(RVF) is built with a Rigid Core. This ensures that in the long run, the Vinyl will not warp due to heavy furnitures – a very common problem faced with normal Vinyl Flooring. After 5 years, should you decide to shift your cabinet, you will not see any ugly indentations.

High Scratch Resistance

Especially Homeowners with Parquet Flooring know the pain. Drag a chair and the line will form. Not Vinyl Flooring. You could take a key and scratch it and leaves no mark behind. A very Pet Friendly Flooring option if you have cats/dogs!

Simple Installation

The Click and Lock System makes it very easy to learn and you can even DIY your flooring! Very suitable for individuals with a leaner budget and more hands on, you can assemble the flooring yourself! 

Wide Variety

There are lots of designs and shades for Vinyl Flooring. There is bound to be one for everybody, but there is one thing in common though – it will all turn out stunningly good for your home!

Value for Money

Vinyl Flooring is arguably the cheapest flooring aside from Carpets. Yet it is able to exude a grand look for your home, other types of flooring such as Tiles, Parquet will not be able to hold a candle to the pricing.

Fuss Free Maintenance 

Unlike Tiles Polishing or Lacquering of Parquet for maintenance, Vinyl Flooring only requires light mopping (with mild detergent) and it is good to go. There is no need to invest in getting expensive floor care.

How does the Click System work?

Click & lock vinyl flooring employs the locking mechanism. The flooring materials are laid on the ground firmly and are snapped into place to lock into each other. As a result, no nails or adhesive is used. The locking ensures that the entire floor, including the joint, is strong and waterproof.The locking mechanism is attributed to the backing layer which is found below the topcoat. This layer is made of durable PVC or recycled vinyl. These material allow the flooring material to click in easily into a lock when snapped in correctly.


Our Designs

Aspen Grey FC2027

Winter Grey FC5001

Traditional Beech FC403

Classic Walnut FC5007

MUJI Teak FC5003

Country Maple FC131