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When intending to revamp the interior of a home, many opt to paint the walls. However, painting can be a tedious process, especially when choosing the DIY route.

It might get really messy, and painting can easily stain furniture and other home products if you’re not careful.

Floor & Co. is here to show you that there is a better option to change up the interior of a home – with our vinyl wall panels!

You get to save money & reduce the amount of renovation work done with maximum results, easily transforming a simple room into a luxurious space.

Aside from revitalizing your home, Floor & Co.’s vinyl feature walls are exceptional for concealing construction flaws such as cracked paint or exposed wires.

It will also be a new topic of interest when guests come over!

Make room for the newest way to uplift your home without draining savings.

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Modern Grey & Brown Wall Panel Colours by FloorNCo

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Floor & Co. provides a wide range of vinyl products in various colours and designs.

However, in our experience, we find that our grey collections are the most popular choice for our customers in Singapore due to their versatility and ease in complementing existing colour schemes and other interior designs.

Floor & Co. effortlessly upgrades your home with our modern walling solutions

One of our clients contacted us with a worrying problem: the wall tiles in their home were beginning to crack and pop out of place.

modern walling solutions

After surveying the room and affected wall, we moved on to prepping the wall for the vinyl wall. Our process included

  • clearing the bulk of the tiles that were loose
  • spot treating cracks in the wall
  • levelling the surface of the base wall for an even application later on

Every individual case is treated with the individualised care and attention you deserve. Floor & Co. will always provide the best service that accounts for your wants and needs, no matter the time or effort.

popping tiles

Once the cement has dried, we begin the actual vinyl wall panel installation.

The panels are exactly measured and trimmed to the precise measurements of the room. Openings for outlets and other previously marked areas are also cut out.

vinyl wall panel installation

Here is the final look!

The feature wall manages to elevate the aesthetic of the client’s house without much renovation or redesigning.

  • Higher-looking ceiling
  • The feeling of a brighter, more open space
  • Minimal invasive installations = minimal mess!
feature wall

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