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The easiest way to elevate the look of a space is with a feature wall.

With bigger amounts of wall spaces in landed properties and condominiums, it’s easy to get lost in the monotony of it all. So instead, elevate the look of your space with Floor & Co.’s fluted panel series.

The striking and sleek fluted wall panels will make your home seem warmer, more stylish, and even taller!

It’s the perfect way to personalise a home, too, without the downsides of paint or the expense of carpentry walls. The installation of a fluted panel wall is quick and easy, with comparatively little mess.

No headaches from drilling, no need to wait hours for the paint to dry!

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Our fluted wall panel collections have been curated to dazzle our customers without overwhelming them. This variety allows the fluted panel wall to match with existing furniture and interior design.

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Fluted Panel Installation Process

Floor & Co. set ourselves apart from the rest of the market with our superior service and workmanship.

Every one of our vinyl feature walls stretches seamlessly across the room, creating a high impact look that boosts the interior aesthetic of a space.

It’s also a great way to make a living room seem bigger as our feature wall created the effect of a higher ceiling. Our installation also guarantees gapless panels to make cleaning a breeze.

Dark grey wall panel by FloorNCo

Our professional panel installations usually follow this series of steps:

Step 1


Our team surveys your room and removes any impurities on the walls such as nails, mould or flaking paint. Any outlets on the site will also be noted.

Step 2



The materials will be customised to fit the exact measurements of the renovation space.

Step 3


The key to installing vinyl panels is ensuring that the walls are even. If the base wall is found to be uneven, levelling services will be recommended.

Step 4


To prevent your feature wall from warping or peaking, all panels are trimmed to our specific measurements that allow expansion.

Step 5

Create openings

Our team will mark previously noted areas in the panels to create outlet holes.

Step 6


Enjoy the new feature wall!

Benefits of Floor & Co’s Fluted Panel Products

Fluted panels are often made from recycled plastic and wood fibres with polyethylene densities for the best quality, value, and results. In simpler terms, it’s known as wood-plastic composite (WPC).

WPC is an exceedingly popular choice with many renovation projects due to the versatility of the material. Its pliant and flexible properties make fluted panels are easy to install along walls of different sizes!

Furthermore, this material makes cleaning and maintenance a breeze.

You can experience hundreds of potential disasters like water spillage or children running toys along the walls, and rest assured knowing your fluted panel will remain in pristine condition!

One of our favourite features of our fluted designs is its High Ceiling Effect. The uniformity of the vertical wood beams draws the eye up, creating the illusion that your space is bigger and taller than it actually is.



Easy to maintain

Easy to maintain



100% Waterproof

100% Waterproof





Achieve the ultimate home aesthetic with Floor & Co.’s fluted wall panel.

Luxury interior design has never been easier.

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